Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What are trigger points?

A: Trigger points are hyper-irritable nodules of contracted sarcomeres in taut bands of muscle fibers.  They cause pain and muscle dysfunction.  The pain is usually not felt locally but is “referred” to a distant location.  Here is a 3D video animation video that explains trigger points.  It is very good except about treatment.  In CTB, we have created effective ways to treat and resolve trigger points within seconds.


Q: What can I expect during my first CTB Clinical Bodywork session?

A: Soon after the appointment is made, a 5 page intake form is sent.  It is best to fill it out before the appointment and email it back or print it, fill it out and bring it to the appointment.  I will read the form and interview you regarding the pain problem to gather information about the sources.  It is a bit of a detective game and I am constantly making hypotheses and proving/disproving/updating them during the bodywork session.  If appropriate, range of motion and posture assessments are performed.  Then the bodywork begins.  It is done on a 3″ cotton floor mat.  I move muscles as I compress them and test range of motion as well as feel for taut muscle bands.  I will ask you for feedback constantly during the session about what you are feeling and where, so I can determine where the contributing problems are.  My goal is to assess and treat all the muscles involved in any particular pain complaint, determine if there is radiculopathy or nerve entrapment contributing, increase range of motion and decrease or eliminate pain.  At the end of the session, I will instruct you in how to treat the main problems yourself with compression and contract/relax stretching.